Some time during the first half of 2006 a libelous website was posted attacking AAA and numerous other people and entities. Webster’s New World Dictionary defines libel as “any written or printed matter tending to injure a person’s reputation unjustly.” If you have read the website you noticed that not only was our agency unjustly attacked, but so were some of our staff members, employees of the State of New Mexico (particularly those associated with the Children, Youth, and Families Department), attorneys, judges in two states, and a long list of individuals.

It is important to know that Mr. Rokowski filed a formal complaint against AAA with the New Mexico Children, Youth, and Families Department (CYFD) on April 28, 2004. CYFD is obligated by law to investigate complaints which are directly related to violations of CYFD regulations. A thorough investigation was initiated by CYFD on April 28, 2004, and was concluded on May 25, 2004. CYFD has four possible conclusions to their investigations: (1) no action being taken; (2) a corrective action plan; (3) suspension of the license pending the completion of a corrective action plan; and (4) closure of the agency. In our case the investigation resulted in “no action being taken” because our actions in the Rokowski case were in compliance with the laws and regulations of the State of New Mexico.

Adoptions are confidential matters, and we are not allowed to discuss the details of this case. However, the man responsible for the website, Jack or Jacek Rokowski, is the birth father of a child that was placed for adoption about three years ago. He contested the adoption in the State of Georgia, and his parental rights were terminated May 21, 2004 and the adoption was granted on June 25, 2004 in the Superior Court in Lowndes County. Mr. Rokowski was not happy with the results, so he appealed the case to the Court of Appeals of Georgia, and a decision upholding the ruling of the lower Court was issued on August 31, 2005. Mr. Rokowski was unhappy with that decision as well, and filed a Writ of Certiorari with the Supreme Court of Georgia. This Writ was denied on January 17, 2006, upholding the decision of the Court of Appeals.

The decision by the Court of Appeals of Georgia is a published decision and gives a comprehensive overview of the case, the legal issues, and the basis for the decisions rendered by the courts. To learn the truth about this case, please read the Court of Appeals decision, which is found in our Library. The short title is listed as “Court of Appeals of Georgia, Rokowski v. Gilbert”. The decision is lengthy, but it is easy to skip all the legal citations and just read the narrative material. 


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