What is a Pre-Placement Study and what does it entail?

      The Pre-Placement Study process can take approximately 3-4 months on average.  Although this time is greatly affected by how quickly you get the necessary paperwork back to us.  We work with families within New Mexico, as well as all throughout the United States.  (However if you are an out-of-state family, you will have to get your Pre-Placement Study done in the state where you live, and then sent to our agency upon completion.)  It will be reviewed for compliance to New Mexico requirements as well.

      The Pre-Placement Study process is completed in 4 steps: 
1. Adoptive Parent Orientation-
It is a working session at which the documentation required for the Pre-Placement Study is initiated or completed.  It is also an orientation to the adoption process and to what to expect as the process unfolds.  The first payment of the Pre-Placement Study fee is required at the time of the orientation. 

2.    Home Inspection and Family Visit-
This appointment is scheduled only after all the paperwork given at orientation is completed and turned back in to AAA. The caseworker visits the home and checks for safety concerns. It is a time for getting aquainted with the couple and their children, if any. The second payment of the Pre-Placement Study fee is required at the time of this visit.

2. Individual Interviews-
This is an interview with each member of the couple. This appointment usually takes place at Adoption Assistance Agency’s office.

3. Couple Interview/Home visit-
This appointment usually takes place at the Agency. The final payment of your Pre-Placement Study will be required when a final copy of your Pre-Placement Study is drawn up.


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