For Birthparents

The Brave and Selfless…..

Unplanned Pregnancy?

We Can Help!!

FREE Birthparent Services:

1. Counseling and Emotional Support
              • No Pressure Pregnancy counseling: What should I do? What are my options? Is Adoption for me?
              • Grief and Loss counseling
              • Life counseling
              • Adoption Counseling until your child is 18
2. Birthing Support, If wanted
3. Housing options and living expense assistance during pregnancy and 4 weeks post-partum
4. Access to a caseworker 24 hours/day; 7 days/week
5. Complete Confidentiality
6. No obligation consultation

We are here with resources and counseling to help you consider those options. This support is available to you until you arrive at a decision that you believe is best for you with our promise that there is no pressure—ever.


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For Birthparents

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