What Our Birthparents Have to Say about Their Experience


Adoptive Parents Speak from the heart


Summer Newsletter 2008

This is the newsletter for the Summer of 2008



Frequently Asked Questions of Adoptive Parents


Fall Newsletter 2007

This is the newsletter for the Fall of 2007


Tax Issues Related to Adoption Assistance and Adoption

Information on adoption assistance payments as taxable income, claiming your child as a dependent, and qualifying for the child tax credit.


2006 Federal Adoption Tax Credit for Special Needs Adoptions

Information on Special Needs Adoption Tax Credit




Facts on NM Adoptions

These are only a few of the important facts on NM adoptions


Adoption Foundations, Grants, and Other Programs

This is a much needed resource for adoptive parents!


“8 Myths and Realities About Adoption”

Taken from the Adoptive Families Magazine


What is a Pre-Placement Study and what does it entail?


If I do make an adoption plan,will the sad feelings ever go away?



What will my child be told about the adoption and me?


If I choose adoption, when is my decision final?

When relinquishment and consent to adoption takes place.


What rights does the father of the baby have?


What if I need housing?

We can help!


What about my medical bills and other expenses?


How will I know my baby is with a good family?

Because you choose them!


How much contact can I have with the family after the birth?  Or can I choose not to stay in touch?


Can I be involved in choosing the family for my baby?



Why do people choose adoption?

Is adoption right for me?


Birthmother Testimonials


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